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Martin Herrenkind

Games Production Student

Hi! My name is Martin and I welcome you to my homepage. Please take your time to get familiar with my portfolio and my projects.


About me

Hi! My Name is Martin. I´m an 38 old ongoing game producer focusing on project management. Means, I make sure that a lot of different creative people with a lot of different personalities can work together "peacefully" and unfold their full potential. So actually, I provide "harmony" to maintain "creativity". Of course I make use of SCRUM-tools like Asana, Trello and other "technical things" to make sure everybody stays on track. But first of all, I´m using my long experience and passion in working with personalities.

My opinion: EVERYONE is good in something!

I´m a passionated gamer for 30 years now. And my mission is, to give something back to the industry which is fascinating me for such a long time.



Oct. 2018 - Oct. 2019

Certified Game Producer, S4G School for Games GmbH

The School for Games is a state-approved education institute which is specialized in jobs for the game industry.

 link: https://www.school4games.net/

Jan. 2016 - present

Bachelor Professional of Trade and Commerce, Industrie- und Handelskammer (IHK) Berlin

The IHK is a public institute specialized in economy and management. 

link: https://www.ihk.de/

Sept. 98 - Jan. 02

Trained Retail Salesman, DEKRA Akademie, Famila

Intercorporate apprenticeship between the DEKRA Akademie & Famila, a grocery chain. Was specialized in food products.

link: https://www.famila.de/

View / Download: IHK Certificate



3D Twin Stick Shooter



3D Twin - Stick Shooter

First Semester Project, Dev. 5 months, Godot Engine 3.0.6

I was responsible for the project management in FULL METAL AI.

My tasks were:

- supervising the development processes

- running and recording meetings

- setting up the product backlog

- presentation and documentation of the 

- progress

link: https://s4g.itch.io/full-metal-ai

Work Experience

Sept. 2011 - Jan. 2018

Chief Waiter, Restaurant Munch´s Hus

- Serving & consulting guest in food and

  proper wines
- Supervising workflow and  giving orders

  to other waiters
- Managing events like company

  Christmas partys, wedding, etc.

View / Download: Job Reference

Mar. - Jun. 2011

Journalistic work, ePrison -  Games Information

- Voluntary work

- Researching, translating and publishing

  reports and news from the games


Feb. 2003 - Oct. 2004

Financial Service Provider, AFA AG

- Consulting clients related to insurance-

  & pension contracts

- Acquisition & educating new employees

View / Download: CV




- Developing Marketing Strategies
- Establishing Marketing Plans
- Writing Press Releases


- Supervising Development Processes
- Organizing & Running Meetings 
- Documentation & Presentation 
- Task Tracking & Protocolling


- German (native)

- English (very good)

View: Reference



Lüderitzstraße 68, 13351 Berlin

+49 (0) 152 33 75 92 38


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